Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How do I create an account? How do I purchase?

If you own a boutique or online store you can apply for an account with your valid tax id/resale certificate number here: carolinehillwholesale.com/account/register

Once an application has been submitted, you will receive an email letting you know we are reviewing your application. You will receive a second email letting you know that your account has been approved for shopping or denied for more information, typically within 2-3 business days. 

2. How do I return damaged product?

Please fill out our our return form: carolinehillwholesale.com/pages/returns

3. What is the minimum order?

We have a $100 order minimum (excluding shipping) but it can be any mix of items. If you are getting a message that "No Shipping Methods" are found for your address in checkout, double check to make sure you have $100 worth of merchandise in your cart.

4. What are your shipping rates and speed? 

We generally ship within 24-48 hours, Monday - Friday. Our standard shipping is 2-5 days. Our shipping rates start at $14.

5. Are your handbags genuine or faux leather? 

They are vegan leather unless marked as genuine.

6. Is your jewelry nickel free? 

Our jewelry is nickel and lead compliant with federal regulation.

7. Where do you ship from? 

All orders ship from our warehouse in Thomasville, Georgia.

8. Where can I find your market schedule?


9. Do you require a specific markup?

You determine the markup! We recommend a 2x - 4x markup, depending on the item type.

10. Can I use your pictures on my social media accounts and website? 

You can use whatever pictures you would like! 

11. Can I put my own cards and tags on your items? 

Feel free to remove ours and brand them as your own! 

12. Do you ship to California?

Due to laws and policies existing in California, we are unable to ship our products to California.